Roseland Residential

Corporate Website Case Study

A Powerhouse Property Platform

Nationally acclaimed real estate developer and manager Roseland turned to Streetsense to raise its online profile and share its story via a comprehensive website redesign. Utilizing a clean, simple site structure and attractive imagery, the new website enables apartment seekers to easily search Roseland’s properties and helps investors quickly understand each of the company’s many projects. As part of our ongoing partnership with Roseland, Streetsense continues to upgrade and adapt the site to meet the company’s changing needs and rapidly growing portfolio.

If Properties

Could Talk

Seeking to offer a high-level overview of each of the company’s properties across the United States, the new Roseland site functions seamlessly for both prospective renters and interested investors. Streetsense designed a modern, centralized company site in addition to creating six self-standing sites for several of the residential properties. Now, corporate website users can get an understanding of each project before navigating to the property website for more details.

An Ongoing


Streetsense continues to work closely with Roseland to adapt the site as the company grows, new properties are developed, and goals change. As part of Streetsense’s ongoing partnership, we consistently build out more of the individual property websites and make upgrades to the corporate site. A high level of adaptability and an agile website design have allowed Roseland’s online presence to evolve organically with the company.

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